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About Us

We are a privately owned ABC Accredited Orthotics and Prosthetics company. Because we are owner operated, our commitment to our patients is quite unique. We are determined to offer the best possible orthotic and prosthetic care. If we don't get it right the first try we don't stop trying until it is correct. Some patients can have diverse or challenging complications in their given conditions. We thrive on being able to not only provide the proper fitting devices, but top notch personal care and attention to detail. We don't just treat the pathology, we treat the patient.

At Rebound Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc., we understand the importance of having proper care. We offer free evaluations, free consults with your healthcare team and free follow up appointments. We understand the importance of looking at your situation as a team approach, and will listen to you, the patient, to be as a key part of the process.
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We also are willing to evaluate and warranty any of our competitors' Orthoses and Prostheses. We urge any patients who have had orthotic (brace) or prosthetic devices that have not been satisfied or have not used their prescribed devices to contact us.  We are positive we can alleviate the problems and allow you to achieve a positive outcome with your prosthetic or orthotic device.

Rebound Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. also partners with all the big named orthotic and prosthetic vendors in the industry allowing us to provide any type of orthotic or prosthetic device. We are determined to offer the best possible orthotic or prosthetic device and will trial any device to ensure positive results. There is no orthotic or prosthetic device we cannot fit on our patients in a timely manner.

My daughter was diagnosed during her infant months with plagiocephaly. The treatment required cranial remolding orthosis (baby helmet). We brought her to Rebound and our experience was fantastic from start to finish! All the staff at Rebound were very friendly and personable. We had checkup appointments often and developed a relationship with their staff. They always greeted us by name and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Chad Chappuis is knowledgeable, patient and readily available. I would suggest anyone who is in need of orthotics or prosthetic care to see the staff at Rebound. They are wonderful! ~ Jessica
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